So far, we have the following vendors booked

Catering (A Savory Affair)

Really happy that we kept looking for caterers after we started looking around.  It was really nice to meet directly with a chef and not a salesperson and we got all sorts of yummy food to try without having to attend a huge party or pay money or commit before a tasting.  And if we stick with a buffet, its pretty much within budget!  Hooray!

Photography (Muse Photo)

I had originally emailed Andy and got his listed prices back that were above the budget I had set aside for photography.  So when he followed up by emailing me to see if I wanted to meet, I had nicely let him know that he wasnt' within our price range (I had to do this with several photographers).  He then was able to negotiate a package that would work for us. 

DJ: Chris Birkett Entertainment:

We met with Sarah from Birkett entertainment and really got along well with her.  Feeling comfortable she can give us a great party and was a good price (I actually negotiated a bit to get them down to what other vendors were at.

Dress Shopping:  Suzanne's:

Had a really good first appointment at Suzanne's and Krista really took care of me.  The second time I went back - the shop was really busy and service not so great.  I went back again to buy and things were just ok. 

Officiant:  Rev Barry (with Rev Giovanni) - We met with another officiant, but really liked the lower prices that Rev Giovani offered compared to the others.  Also - note that we had emailed like 3 different places that were booked :(

Cake:  Piece of Cake in Mesa - Yum, looking forward to eating this!  We are doing a simple design of 3 tier cake with buttercream frosting with saphire blue ribbons on bottom of each layer with some white piped designs.  Using flowers for cake topper and decoration.  Decided on the following flavors:  Bottom - devils food cake with chocolate ganache filling, middle almond infusion cake with fresh strawberries and bavarian cream filling, top tier - marble cake with chocolate buttercream filling.

Flowers:  TBD