About Us


Not sure if I am the quintessential "Jersey" girl, but thats where I'm from :)  Until I left for the nice, beautiful weather in Syracuse, NY for college.  Gotta love those Orangemen though.  After 4 years of the snow, ice, and gray skies - I went for the other extreme and headed out to sunny Arizona.

When I'm not obsessing over the new wedding planning element I love to read, play tennis, and run.  Well I don't really enjoy running all that much - but I need to fit into that dress.  I signed up for a half marathon next February.


Originally from MD, Ian went to college in Cleveland.  After which it was time to move to sunny Arizona (the recruiting trip they bring you on in November is a good selling point).

Ian loves playing basketball, plus pretty much any other sport and can outrun me without trying any day. 


We actually met at work (how unexciting).  We were both just graduating college and moving to a new area.  Luckily for us, our employer had a training program for new college graduates - where we met and also got to know a great group of friends.  Seems like we always had our eye on one another and after the training session had ended we started dating. 

After 10 years (yes, I said it 10!) of dating, we got engaged on a beautiful beach in Puerto Rico - picture perfect.

Standard Knottie Disclaimer: I started collecting pictures before I knew what to do with them. If I have used your pictures and have not given you credit, let me know and I will do so.