Trying to keep the costs reasonable - but I'm also the type that always seems to fall in love with the most expensive option

Priorities for us:
Good Food
Good Drink
Fun Times :)
Nice Venue
Good pictures

These are just some numbers I've come up with.  Hopefully will be under on most, but I wanted to try to keep it reasonable.

                               Plan                            Actual
Venue                      $5580                        $5780 (fees)
Flowers                    $1000
Food                        $5400
Drinks                       $1500
Attire                        $1500
Paper                        $300
Decoration                $250
Rings                        $1000
Photo                        $2000                        $2100 (tax)
Cake                         $700
DJ                              $1000
Officient                   $300
Beauty                     $300
Gifts                         $150